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Washington Post– May 6, 2019-Alaska’s Excelsior Glacier transforming into lake five times the size of New York’s Central Park

Forbes-May 6, 2019 Lake Outburst Floods And Future Cyclones – A Looming Threat For The Himalayas

NASA Earth Observatory-April 26, 2019-As a Himalayan Glacier Melts, a Lake Grows

NASA Landsat-Landsat, Art and a Glacier’s Perspective-Glaciologist and prolific AGU blogger, Mauri Pelto, regularly publishes posts about changing glaciers around the globe

NASA Landsat-Meet Mauri Pelto, Glaciologist  on recent field trip to the North Cascades where snow depth, snowmelt, and glacier terminus measurements where

NASA Earth Observatory-Snow drought on Mount Baker

Mashable-Sept. 26, 2018-New islands are being left behind by rapidly retreating Arctic glaciers

NASA Earth Observatory-Sept 6, 2018-“Snow Swamp” on Lowell Glacier

Mashable- Sept. 8 2018-In just four days, extreme heat melted the snow off this massive glacier

CBC-Sept. 10, 2018-Summer heat made a huge ‘snow swamp’ on a Yukon glacier

CBC– June 6, 2019-Huge chunks’ of ice afloat in northern B.C. lake, as glacier retreats

A Porcupine Loses its Tongue : Image of the Day – NASA Earth …Oct 12, 2016 – Glaciologist Mauri Pelto, who has been analyzing satellite imagery of glaciers since the 1980s,

Losing Ice in Svalbard : Image of the Day – NASA Earth Observatory Jun 25, 2018 – Mauri Pelto, an environmental scientist at Nichols College, has a go-to analogy for describing what a glacier needs to survive.

Glacier Retreat at Cook Ice Cap : Image of the Day – NASA Earth …Apr 27, 2018 – The glaciers in the Kerguelen Islands are shrinking as snowfall declines. .. Mauri Pelto, a glaciologist at Nichols College.

Glacial Retreat at a Non-glacial Pace : Image of the Day – NASA Earth …Jan 25, 2018 – By 2017, the glacier was less than 13 kilometers long. According to Mauri Pelto, a glaciologist who wrote about HPS-12 on his blog,

Retreat of the Sierra de Sangra Glaciers – NASA Earth Observatory Feb 23, 2016 – Pelto decided to look at glaciers in Argentina “primarily because there is less information on them.” First he considered the areas most likely to …

NOAA Climate-Author focus: Father and daughter talk about their connection to climate, the wilderness of the North Cascades, and each other

NOAA Climate- 2015 State of the Climate: Mountain Glaciers

Circle of  Blue- Disastrous year for North Cascade Glaciers heralds global decline.

National Observer-Climate Change Melts Glaciers puts Salmon at Risk in Washington StateToronto Star-Extinction stalks Us West’s great glaciers.

Seattle Times-Watching ice melt for 33 years, scientist finds glaciers are dying at anything but a glacial pace

Science Alert-The Largest Iceberg in Decades Broke Free From a North American Glacier – And No One Noticed

Seattle Times-Disastrous’: Low snow, heat eat away at Northwest glaciers

Chicago Daily -Herald-Northwest glaciers melting, disappearing

Seattle Times-Ice worms’ survival secrets could help humans

Yes Magazine–Threat of Salmon Extinction Turns Small Tribe Into Climate Researchers

Washington Post-The nation’s most dangerous snow pile, that even summer can’t melt

WTA-Vanishing glaciers

Mountaineers-Observable Differences: Recession of North Cascade glaciers

Wenatchee World-Lyman Glacier is slowly disappearing

Northwest Mountaineering Journal-Our Vanishing glaciers

Bellingham Herald-Scientists, Nooksack tribe study shrinking Mount Baker glacier

Wilderness Society-Goodbye to glaciers in Washington’s North Cascades?

Rockhead Science-Mauri Pelto Disappearing Glaciers

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