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Protect Our Winters, Feb 1, 2024. Tracking Receding Glaciers Through Paintings with Climate Artist, Jill Pelto.

State of the Planet-Glacier Hub Dec. 7, 2023. Paving the Way for Backpack Climate Science: North Cascades Glacier Climate Project Turns 40


Seattle Times, Aug. 26, 2023. “End of an epoch? King County may be down to its last glacier”

KUOW-Sept. 1, 2023. “Rocketing boulders, dwindling streams: signs of WA’s shriveling glaciers”

Seattle Times– June 17, 2023 “Mount Rainier is melting. Can anything be done to stop it?”

KUOW– June 13, 2023. Mount Rainier loses another three glaciers Van Trump and Pyramid Glacier I report on, Stevens Glacier from NPS.

CNN– Feb. 2, 2023. Large glacier near Seattle has ‘completely disappeared,’ says researcher who has tracked it for years

KING 5-Jan 30, 2023 Hinman Glacier, largest between Mount Rainier and Glacier Peak, melts away

San Francisco Chronicle– July 13, 2022 Glaciers are collapsing as the world warms. Here are the risks on California’s high peaks

State of Planet-July 7,2022 Glaciers Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death for Salmon During Heatwaves

NASA Earth Observatory– June 14, 2022. Losing a Layer of Protection.

KUOW– June 7, 2022 These Artists Climb Mountains to help document Climate Change.

KUOW-May 11, 2022.Washington’s glaciers are disappearing. Can anything be done to save them?

Washington Post– Feb. 7, 2022 Mountain glaciers may have less ice than estimated, straining freshwater supply

Washington Post-Sept. 15, 2021. Mount Shasta is nearly snowless, a rare event that is helping melt the mountain’s glaciers

National Geographic-Oct. 13, 2021. This 50 Year Project follows the impacts of the Cascades Melting Glaciers-Cassidy Randall

NASA Earth Observatory-Feb. 26, 2021. Mount Everest Glaciers Snow Free in Winter

Seattle Times-Sept. 5, 2021. In North Cascades, researchers, climbers watch Washington’s snowpack quickly melt, exposing glaciers’ retreat- Evan Bush

Backpacker Magazine-Nov. 5, 2021. Mount Shasta’s glaciers are disappearing

CBS Boston-October 18, 2021. Da Vinci Of Data Art: Glacier Scientist Uses Watercolors To Highlight Environmental Issues

META-Nov. 1, 2021. Our Commitment to Combating Climate Change.

San Franciso Chronicle-August, 26, 2021. Mount Shasta barely has any snow. Will it ever come back?

Daily Mail-Sept. 15, 2021. Record-high-temperatures-drought-left-Californias-Mt-Shasta-without-usual-snowcover.

Gizmodo– July 16, 2021.

Worcester Telegram and Gazette-July 18, 2021. Worcester County raised scientist Jill Pelto uses art to shed light on climate change

Third Pole– Nov. 30, 2021. What record warm winters mean for glaciers in the Everest region.

KUOW-Nov. 6, 2021. Northwest glaciers are melting. What that means to Indigenous ‘salmon people’

Oregon Public Broadcasting– Nov. 16, 2021 How Northwest tribes aim to keep their cool as the glaciers melt

TIME Magazine Cover-July, 8, 2020. One Last Chance-Story behind the Cover.

Whatcom Watch-March 2022. Trouble in the Nooksack River Watershed

The Guardian– May 1, 2021. As glaciers disappear in Alaska, the rest of the world’s ice follows.

Whatcom Watch-May 2020. Mount Bakers glaciers are disappearing

State of the Planet– Oct. 21, 2020 How Might This Year’s Forest Fires Impact Glaciers in the West?

Hakai Magazine-July 16, 2019. A Visit with the Glacier Squad.

Everett Herald-Aug. 18, 2019. Chronicling the last years of a dying North Cascades glacier.

Washington Post– May 6, 2019-Alaska’s Excelsior Glacier transforming into lake five times the size of New York’s Central Park

Forbes-May 6, 2019 Lake Outburst Floods And Future Cyclones – A Looming Threat For The Himalayas

NASA Earth Observatory-April 26, 2019-As a Himalayan Glacier Melts, a Lake Grows

NASA Landsat-Landsat, Art and a Glacier’s Perspective-Glaciologist and prolific AGU blogger, Mauri Pelto, regularly publishes posts about changing glaciers around the globe

NASA Landsat-Meet Mauri Pelto, Glaciologist  on recent field trip to the North Cascades where snow depth, snowmelt, and glacier terminus measurements where

NASA Earth Observatory-Snow drought on Mount Baker

Mashable-Sept. 26, 2018-New islands are being left behind by rapidly retreating Arctic glaciers

NASA Earth Observatory-Sept 6, 2018-“Snow Swamp” on Lowell Glacier

Mashable- Sept. 8 2018-In just four days, extreme heat melted the snow off this massive glacier

CBC-Sept. 10, 2018-Summer heat made a huge ‘snow swamp’ on a Yukon glacier

CBC– June 6, 2019-Huge chunks’ of ice afloat in northern B.C. lake, as glacier retreats

A Porcupine Loses its Tongue : Image of the Day – NASA Earth …Oct 12, 2016 – Glaciologist Mauri Pelto, who has been analyzing satellite imagery of glaciers since the 1980s,

Losing Ice in Svalbard : Image of the Day – NASA Earth Observatory Jun 25, 2018 – Mauri Pelto, an environmental scientist at Nichols College, has a go-to analogy for describing what a glacier needs to survive.

Glacier Retreat at Cook Ice Cap : Image of the Day – NASA Earth …Apr 27, 2018 – The glaciers in the Kerguelen Islands are shrinking as snowfall declines. .. Mauri Pelto, a glaciologist at Nichols College.

Glacial Retreat at a Non-glacial Pace : Image of the Day – NASA Earth …Jan 25, 2018 – By 2017, the glacier was less than 13 kilometers long. According to Mauri Pelto, a glaciologist who wrote about HPS-12 on his blog,

Retreat of the Sierra de Sangra Glaciers – NASA Earth Observatory Feb 23, 2016 – Pelto decided to look at glaciers in Argentina “primarily because there is less information on them.” First he considered the areas most likely to …

NOAA Climate-Author focus: Father and daughter talk about their connection to climate, the wilderness of the North Cascades, and each other

NOAA Climate- 2015 State of the Climate: Mountain Glaciers

Circle of  Blue- Disastrous year for North Cascade Glaciers heralds global decline.

National Observer-Climate Change Melts Glaciers puts Salmon at Risk in Washington StateToronto Star-Extinction stalks Us West’s great glaciers.

Seattle Times-Watching ice melt for 33 years, scientist finds glaciers are dying at anything but a glacial pace

Science Alert-The Largest Iceberg in Decades Broke Free From a North American Glacier – And No One Noticed

Seattle Times-Disastrous’: Low snow, heat eat away at Northwest glaciers

Chicago Daily -Herald-Northwest glaciers melting, disappearing

Seattle Times-Ice worms’ survival secrets could help humans

Yes Magazine–Threat of Salmon Extinction Turns Small Tribe Into Climate Researchers

Washington Post-The nation’s most dangerous snow pile, that even summer can’t melt

WTA-Vanishing glaciers

Mountaineers-Observable Differences: Recession of North Cascade glaciers

Wenatchee World-Lyman Glacier is slowly disappearing

Northwest Mountaineering Journal-Our Vanishing glaciers

Bellingham Herald-Scientists, Nooksack tribe study shrinking Mount Baker glacier

Wilderness Society-Goodbye to glaciers in Washington’s North Cascades?

Rockhead Science-Mauri Pelto Disappearing Glaciers