Links To Other Sites

Glaciers Online:  This is an online version of a very nice book “Glaciers” By Jurg Alean and Michael Hambrey.

Glacier Pictures– Aerial Photographs of North Cascade glaciers taken by John Scurlock

USGS Glacier studies:  The research on this glacier is the most extensive on any glacier outside of Alaska.

Washington Online Weather:  This site provides weekend forecasts for the alpine areas of western Washington updated weekly.

Northwest Avalanche Center:  This site has snowpack data, weather reports, webcams and avalanche forecasts.

North Cascade Conservation Council:  Produces Wild Cascades and pursues protection of our public lands in the North Cascades.

USDA: Climate and snow resources:  This site links to all of the Snotel measurement sites in the western United States

NSIDC – National Snow and Ice Data Center – A resource for those studying snow and ice, and their importance to the earth’s system. (

Juneau Icefield Research Program:  This site prepared by Scott McGee contains the greatest wealth of information on the longest running and largest ongoing glacier training and research program in the United States.

North Cascades National Park Service Site: Reports on resources, ongoing projects, current events happening within the park.

Blue Glacier research:  University of Washington sponsored program.

Global Glacier Retreat- A detailed review of recent terminus behavior at Wikipedia

INSTAAR – Institute of Artic and Alpine Research – A facility whose primary mission is research to understand the biological and physical interactions that regulate the earth’s system in artic, alpine, and other regions.